AM Drop Off

A.M. Drop OffThe following lettered items correspond to the letters on the map:

  1. Students in grades 1 through 8 will line up between the Junior High Building and Elementary Building in aisle 1.  Entire section is closed off with traffic cones. ALL STUDENTS WILL USE THE MAIN SCHOOL ENTRANCE NEAR THE FRONT OFFICE (INCLUDING KINDERGARTEN AND PRE-K STUDENTS.)
  2. Buses will enter from Arden Ave. and drop students off along the east end of the coned off line-up area.
  3. Buses then proceed south to the end of the lot, turn right and then proceed out the driveway to Eckstein Rd. to WCS facility.
  4. Parents enter from Eckstein Rd.  Please yield to buses as they are exiting our parking lot.
  5. Walk-up:  If you need to walk your child(ren) to the line-up area or to the school, go to the right, park your vehicle, and walk your child(ren) up to the coned off line-up area. Walk-up parents should then exit via Arden Ave.  Please note – Aisles 2 and 3 will be blocked with cones on their west end – do not enter or exit from these ends.  Parents may still park in the front church parking lot, however, they MUST walk their child to the coned off area to ensure their safety.  There is NO Parking along the perimeter of the parking lot.
  6. Drop-off:  If you want to drop your child(ren) off, go left, follow the driveway along the back of the church and drop your child off along the west end of the coned off area.   Parents are not allowed to park or get out of their car in the drop-off line.  For the safety of our children, please allow the car in front of you to proceed before you…do not try to go around them in line.  If your child needs assistance carrying school projects or special items – please park and walk your child up instead of using the drop-off line.  There is absolutely NO DROPPING OFF in the driveway near the Junior High Building.
  7. Drop-off parents will then continue west down the driveway between the school and church and exit onto Mound Rd.
  8. Handicap: Vehicles with a valid handicap permit may park in the handicap parking spaces on the south end of the small lot directly behind the church.  Follow the drop off line to the left and turn left into the handicap area.  To exit, turn left and follow the drop off traffic to Mound Rd.