Candidates for the Sacrament of Confirmation are encouraged to know the Lord in a personal and intimate way, to experience a sense of belonging to the Christian community, and to respond to the Gospel mandate of Christian Service.

They should complete three Christian Service Projects:
1.  Service project dealing with FAMILY (10 hours)
2.  Service project dealing with COMMUNITY (10 hours)
3.  Service project dealing with CHURCH (10 hours)

IMG_0148Opportunities for service hours include: volunteering at the annual St. Anne festival; helping the elderly and/or sick; volunteering time at parish or school functions; being active in the Service Learning program; go on errands for a neighbor; visit nursing homes; go to a soup kitchen and help; assist St. Vincent de Paul; write letters to government officials about justice issues; help with fundraising projects; perform special services for the disabled; work at a food bank; collect toys for the poor children, etc.

Make sure to have the proper documentation filled out and signed by the appropriate organization leader for credit (please see Service Verification Form.)  For example, certificates are given to all students who work the festival. Please see the chairperson of the area you work in to receive your certificate or see the office if you have any questions. If you volunteer at other functions, please have a note or certificate that states when and where you worked as well as how many hours you performed and make sure it is signed by the appropriate person in charge.