0387-StAnneSt. Anne’s offers a unique opportunity to include both a general music program (Kindergarten-8th grade) and band, which together is comparable to any public middle school program.  Music is a performing art and band students who perform in band regularly develop self-expression and creativity through performance.  Through our class performances taught by a qualified band instructor, we will build our character as a person.

4th – 8th Grade Band Curriculum

Band meets two days a week during lunch period to work on building our coordination by using method book, scales, and concert music.  Students who are interested in band can sign up at the beginning of the school year.  Please contact for more information.

An annual band concert is performed by all participating students in the Spring.

Parents have the option to purchase instruments for their children or they can rent an instrument for the year.  There are several music stores in the area that provide this service.

Click Below To Hear A 2017 Piano Solo from our talented students!

Click Below To Hear A 2017 Varsity Band Play the Pink Panther!

2017 Varsity Band Plays the National Anthem!