Besides the festival itself the raffle is one of the biggest fundraisers for the St. Anne parish and school community.  Tickets are only $1.00 and can be picked up at the parish office or sold throughout the festival.  Need not be present to win the prizes below:

2017 St. Anne Sausage Festival Raffle Winners

1st Prize: $7,500 – Ticket #86566
2nd Prize: $1,500 – Ticket #71162
3rd Prize: $1,000 – Ticket #S-10475

St. Anne Usher’s Club

1st Place—Ticket#1616 (TV)
2nd Place—Ticket#1544 (Bench of Booze)
3rd Place—Ticket#0233 (Ninja Coffee Bar)
4th Prize—Ticket#0261 (Ninja Pro Blender)
5th Prize—Ticket#0401 (Basket of Booze)

Beer Tent & Vegas TV Raffle Winners

Raffle Ticket #311
Raffle Ticket #012
Raffle Ticket #314

All winners will be contacted. Congratulations to our 2017 Winners!

It is a mandatory part of a Pre-School through Grade 8 family’s commitment to St Anne Catholic Grade School to purchase or sell 100 tickets. Families may choose to sell additional tickets.  Any tickets sold beyond the required 100 tickets will result in a 50% tuition credit per ticket sold (50 cents per ticket).  Tuition credits cannot be applied toward the deposit paid at registration.

Tickets and money in the envelope provided can be returned to the school office, parish office, or the church collection basket.  You can also drop them off at the ticket booth inside the main tent during the festival.  Extra raffle tickets can be obtained from the parish office.

To encourage early ticket returns, note the Early-Bird Drawing for sellers turning in their tickets and money before the drawing dates.  Only ticket stubs returned with money will be eligible for the Early-Bird Drawings.