School Advisory Committee

What is the School Committee?
The School Committee is an advisory body that collaborates with the pastor and principal of the Parish, Regional, or Vicariate school.

Members of the School Committee should include parents/guardians of children enrolled in the school and parishioners with the interest in the school. The size of the committee should not exceed eleven including the pastor and the principal.

What is the Function of the School Committee?
The functions of the School Committee include: Assisting in the development of policy for St. Anne Catholic Grade School and be supportive of the Administrators and the Pastor; assist in ensuring the implementation of parish and Archdiocesan goals; be apprised of and study the evaluation reports of programs and procedures from the Archdiocese and other competent agencies; advance the work of Catholic education and the Catholic Faith; advance the good of St. Anne Catholic Grade School and the parish it serves; approve the budget as prepared by the principal; assist in maintaining good relationships between the School Committee, the Administrators, the Education Commission, and the Pastor.

The responsibilities of the School Committee do not include: Establishing or implementing policy; the school administration; reviewing or reversing the decisions of the principal relating to individual students or staff; and conducting evaluations of the principal or staff.

Members of the Catholic School Committee should be mindful of the universal mission of the Church and committed to the ministry of that Parish, Regional, or Vicariate school and should not have personal/professional conflict of interest with service on that committee.

What are the Guidelines?
A person is ineligible for membership on the Catholic School Committee for a Parish, Regional, or Vicariate school if: He/She is an employee of the school; He/She has conflicts of interest; and He/She does not accept the teachings of the Church on the role and importance of the Catholic School.

Elected members must be: A parent/guardian of children attending St. Anne; nominated in a general election of all parents; and be able to serve in a two year term, which begins at the end of the June meeting of the year elected and will expire two years hence. If a vacancy shall occur, the runner-up from the most recent elections would fill the vacancy until the end of the term. In the event that a runner-up is not available, the School Committee will appoint a member to fill the vacancy until the end of the term.