Visual Arts


St. Anne participates in an art website that also acts as a fundraiser. The website is

“Artsonia is a safe place to upload and store student artwork, promotes student pride and self-esteem, and is a chance for families to get involved in student art education. The site also offers a gift shop where student artwork can be printed on items such as cards, key chains, etc. Through this gift shop, the school receives 20% back on whatever is purchased.” (

You must have a screen name and parent code specific to that student which is provided by your art teacher. A parent needs to give the art teacher permission to post their work by going online and entering this parent code. If you have any questions please contact the art teacher.

This is an exciting new opportunity for students as well as a great school fundraising program. Please have a look at the site and stay posted for your little artists work!

During the 2016/2017 School Year the site has raised $435 for the art room. We have purchased a Samsung galaxy Tab E 9.6” tablet which will be used to teach students to take their own pictures of artwork and post to the artsonia site as well as used for art research under teacher supervision. We also purchased two light boxes which will be used for tracing images when needed. Other updates include two new storage shelves and new steps for the sinks.

Thank you for your support!