Valuable assistance to our educational program is provided by parent volunteers.

Many parents and others help teachers as room parents or teacher aids (please contact individual teachers). We have many school functions that may require parents to volunteer in order for the event to be successful. Some of the happenings that St. Anne participates in each year are two Book Fairs, a Santa Shop, Gallimaufry Day, and our many student activities that are in need of parent involvement such as Forensics, Scouts, and Math/Science Olympiads.

According to the Archdiocese of Detroit, every person working (or volunteering) in a school environment is required to take the Protecting God’s ChildrenĀ Workshop. All teachers, administrators, coaches, lunchroom workers, playground parents, volunteers, room parents, etc. MUST have completed this workshop in order to be part of any school function.

If you have not participated in this program, you need to register online at the Archdiocese website.

Mandatory service hours are instituted for the St. Anne Sausage Festival each year. This fundraiser is a very important event for our school and we require your participation. At least one parent from each family will be required to provide at leastĀ ten (12) hours of festival service for the school year. If you choose to forgo that option, an assessment of $1000 will be added to your tuition.